Far Beyond These Castle Walls
(January 1975)
Spanish Train & Other Stories
(November 1975)
At The End Of A Perfect Day
(August 1977)
(January 1979)
Eastern Wind
(July 1980)
Best Moves
(August 1981)
The Getaway
(October 1982)
Man On The Line
(May 1984)
Into The Light
(May 1986)
Flying Colours
(October 1986)
Spark To A Flame
(November 1989)
High On Emotion Live From Dublin
(September 1990)
Power Of Ten
(May 1992)
This Way Up
(May 1994)
Beautiful Dreams
(November 1995)
The Love Songs
(November 1997)
Quiet Revolution
(September 1999)
The Lady In Red
(Sometime 2000)
The Ultimate Collection
(March 2001)