15th March 2020

"During these extraordinary, deeply worrying and difficult days and weeks ahead, many of us now have to stay at home, self isolate and do the opposite of what humans normally do in troubled times, which is to gather together and share our concerns, and I have the utmost respect for the Health workers who are doing so much to ensure our well being."

"To keep spirits up, we are all thinking of ways to spend these days separated from others, so I would like to lighten the mood by suggesting that I will sing and post a different song every day this week, recorded on my iPhone, (so the sound and visual quality may not be great!), and select one each day from your requests... so please send me some ideas, thanks!"

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Day 1 - The Hands Of Man

Day 2 - Spanish Train & A Spaceman Came Travelling

Day 3 - Pure Joy

Day 4 - In a Country Churchyard

Day 5 - Borderline

Day 6 - Lonely Sky

Day 7 - High On Emotion

Day 8 - The Lady In Red

Day 9 - It's Such A Long Way Home

Day 10 - There Goes My Heart Again

Day 11 - The Tower

Day 12 - Where Peaceful Waters Flow

Day 13 - Satin Green Shutters

Day 14 - Pretty Woman

Day 15 - Just A Word Away

Day 16 - Patricia The Stripper

Day 17 - The Grace Of A Dancer

Day 18 - Fatal Hesitation

Day 19 - Oh My Brave Hearts

Day 20 - Love Of The Heart Divine

Day 21 - One Life, One Love

Day 22 - The Tale Of Robin Hood

Day 23 - Missing You

Day 24 - Shine On

Day 25 - The Girl With April In Her Eyes

Day 26 - Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)

Day 27 - Waiting For The Hurricane

Day 28 - Suddenly Love

Day 29 - Snows Of New York